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8 simple ways to stay mentally, emotionally and physically strong and healthy during lockdown

These times are tough emotionally, physically and mentally. Day in and and day out we are holding space for all the emotions are family may be going through and it is exhausting. At the end of the day we may be feeling depleted both physically and emotionally, I know I am!

We are being so many different things to our children at the moment, mother, teacher and friend and it is of the upmost importance we look after ourselves. If you are like me, we constantly put our needs last, let's be deadly serious right now, if we keep going on like this we will not make it through lockdown we are going to get unwell be it mentally or physically.

That is why Kim (Certified Nutritionist) and myself have got together and come up with a list of some simple things we can do to support ourselves so we can stay physically healthy and emotionally strong. I know we are short on time and getting time to ourselves can be nearly impossible that is why the below tips are things you can include in your everyday routine with the children that are not overwhelming!

Here are Kim's top three tips on how to stay healthy...

Fermented foods! There are so many health benefits to eating fermented foods, they nourish and feed the good bacteria in your gut, one of the result of this being enhancing your immune system! If you’re tired, stressed, have take antibiotics recently, then your gut microbiome will benefit from fermented foods.

So how can you add fermented foods into your diet? My personal favourite is sauerkraut daily with lunch, my little one has the juices! Kefir water is also fantastic (we are dairy free here).

My all time favourite company who produce organic sauerkraut and also sauerkraut gut shots are Foleys Frothing Fermentations they arrive super quick and I think are really reasonable.

Nutrients of focus to support immunity. Get yourself some good probiotics and the main vitamins to support our immune system e vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D. We can get these vitamins from our foods:

  • Vitamin C is found in oranges, kiwis, broccoli, guava, strawberries all pack a punch

  • Zinc is particularly high in oysters (date night treat maybe??!) crab, (avoid both of these if you are pregnant) oats and beef

  • Vitamin D can be found in oily fish – such as salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel, eggs and red meat

Try get as much of the above in your diet and reap the benefits!

Nutrients to focus on to support energy levels. Yes we need so much energy being all the things to our family right now so if you can focus on adding iron, protein, and healthy fats into your diet you will see an increase in your energy levels for sure! And don't worry it is not complicated!!

  • Iron - this can be as simple as adding a a couple of spoons of pumpkin seeds to your meals, grating frozen liver into your pasta sauces (I am just about to make meatballs for the kids and will sneak grated liver into the sauce!), and adding beans into diet 3-4times a week (if you are pregnant it is even more important to be adding liver into your meals!).

  • Protein - white meat, low-fat milk and yoghurt once again remember to have 3-4 servings of these a week. I like to make slow cooker chicken at the weekend and then enjoy in various meals through out the week!

  • Healthy fats - eat all the avo's you like and they are cheap at the moment too!! I also use Ghee, (you can find this in the oil section) the most incredible healthy fat, in all my cooking instead of olive oil, nuts and seeds ( I snack on these throughout the day!).

Hydrate! It is more important than you think, if you find yourself feeling thirsty then you are dehydrated! Keep electrolytes close by for the whole family and just keep an eye on how much you are drinking. I find filling a bottle up at the start of the day to constantly sip on and then as soon as it is empty refill. Also if I am feeling but hungry having a big drink might be what you actually need!

Here are Kathryn's tips on how to look after your mental and emotional well-being....

Have one moment to yourself every day! This can be as simple as taking a cup of tea or smoothie out in nature and breathing in calm and breathing out the stress. When the family see you make your tea it can be there prompt to leave you alone for 5 minutes. So go and treat yourself to a lovely mug and some yummy fresh tea and keep it out to remind you to enjoy this for yourself everyday.

Breathe! The sun is out at the moment so take a moment to lift your face up to the sun and take a big breath in and out and imagine the sun energy transferring into your body.

It's ok to not be ok. Be kind to yourself, there is a lot going on at the moment so having a cry, shutting yourself in the bathroom and having a good scream.

Give yourself an oxytocin boost. Oxytocin is the love hormone so find something you love that makes you feel happy, maybe eating your favourite chocolate, a hug from a loved one, a hot bath, a walk in nature. When you are feeling low or depleted do one of these things and you will instantly feel refreshed and happier afterwards.

Join Mindful Morning for Mammas - every Friday via zoom Kim and I are hosting a 30 minute free check in. Kim gives us a little health challenge for the week and I share a meditation for us all to regroup, restore and relax. We then finish with an uplifting song to get us through the weekend. Come as you are, with kids in the background, breastfeeding or hiding in the toilet. It is the perfect way to end the week and set yourself up for the weekend. To join us mammas book here -

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