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Why warmth is essential to postpartum recovery.

Keeping warm in your fourth trimester may seem a bit crazy especially if you have had your baby in summer but it is a key element to your recovery! There are two traditional postpartum care elements which are considered vital by hundreds of different cultures around the world and they are warmth and nourishment.

Why warmth?

  • It brings back balance and energy into the mothers body after she has birthed her baby

  • Facilitates her recovery enabling her to come out of her fourth trimester feeling healed

  • Provides mammas with the physical and emotional strength which is needed for us to nurture and nourish our babies.

  • Reduces stress and helps calm the mind and body

postpartum recovery

So, how can stay warm and help support our own recovery after birth?

  • Snuggly socks and dressing gown

  • Drying hair as soon as we wash it

  • Soups and stews filled with warming spices

  • Warming drinks

  • Emotional warmth - through love and hugs

  • Warming massaage

As a postpartum doula one of main focuses when visiting mammas is to bring warmth back

into a mother's body after she has birthed.

Postpartum recovery

In my first few postpartum visits we will create a beautiful postpartum healing ritual of a Moxa stick and womb massage bringing warmth and comfort back into the mothers womb. I always ensure I cook and also leave mammas with lovingly prepared Ayurvedic meals which heals and warms mamma from the inside out. These beautiful offerings will enable mums to recovery after their birth, build their strength and energy and support a calm transition into motherhood.

If you would like to nurtured and nourished in your postpartum to help support your recovery please feel free to get in touch.

We can arrange a (no obligation) catch up to talk about your hopes and dreams for your postpartum and how I can help you achieve these.

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