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Mindful Hypnobirthing Course

Postpartum Doula Visits Central Coast

i am a certified Mindful Hypnobirthing Instructor and super exctied to bring my day Mindful Hypnobirthing course to the Central Coast.

You won't learn just breathing and relaxation in this course, you will learn how to amplify the effect of these using hypnosis, alongside some powerful and simple birth mindfulness.


 We will prepare both of your mindsets ready for an empowering birth, learning how to reframe birth, release any fears and worries you may have and give you the practical and phsyical tools,  resources and support you need for a confident and calm birth.

You will both leave this day feeling so incredibly prepared both practically and emotionally for your birth with a huge amount of new knowledge.

mindful hypnobirthing central coast

Topics we cover in the
Mindful Hypnobirthing Course

  • Psychological process of birthing and how your mind and body works together

  • Breathing techniques and mindset training

  • Creating an oxytocin toolkit

  • Releasing fears, worries and reframing birth

  • Anchoring and imagery to create a calming space and mindset

  • How to stay calm and alert with self-hypnosis

  • Reducing intervention with simple changes to your birth plan and your language

  • Physical toolkit for your partner to support your birth

  • An Ayurvedic lunch for both of you

  • Online version of the Mindful Hypnobirthing course valued at $179

  • Take home worksheets and mindful gifts to use for your birth

  • Hypnobirthing sound tracks

  • Option for me to record your personal visuallisation as created in the course

Total cost of the day per couple $275

The next courses will be on:

23 June @ Umina Beach Yoga 10:30am-4pm (5hrs 30mins)

mindful hypnobirthing central coast

What's included in the day:

Postpartum Doula visits on the Central Coast NSW

"We had a fantastic experience with Kathryn's mindful hypnobirthing course. Having also completed an online hypnobirthing course with a different provider, I can definitely say that Kathryn's course went far deeper into the psychological processes involved in hypnobirthing and how to achieve the ideal state of mind for a calm and peaceful birth. 


Kathryn is an engaging and inspiring teacher who uses a range of fun and varied activities in her course. She also provides detailed, evidence-based resources which you can keep and return to if you need to recap any of the content. We found the course to be personalised, fun and practical, and particularly enjoyed the opportunity to practise going into hypnosis to clear out negative associations about birth and replace these with a calm sense of excitement. We got to try out lots of massage techniques and positions to aid in pain relief, along with very practical meditation and hypnosis tools to use during birth.


Kathryn's kind, knowledgeable guidance has helped me feel so confident and excited about my baby's birth, whatever form it ultimately takes. As well as imparting new skills and techniques, this course has enabled me to access the inner resources of calm and strength that lie inside us all as birthing parents."

Stephanie Marshall


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