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Birth Doula

Postpartum Nurture Plans supporting mammas to be on Central Coast NSW

What would it be and feel like going into the birth of your bub feeling

confident, prepared and empowered?


That is what having a birth doula is all about and I will be here to support you through your pregnancy and empower you towards having the best birth experience possible. Having someone by your side, in your corner listening to your needs and desires will be truly amazing and I would be honoured to be part of your special support team. 


What we will uncover in this workshop

Birth Doula Central Coast

Birth Doula Support can include:

  • Email and text support throughout your pregnancy from the moment you book

  • Prenatal visit to create your birth plan, breastfeeding/feeding plan and chat through breathing and mindfulness techniques for labour

  • Prenatal visits to create your Mamma Nurture Postpartum Plan which includes creating your village of support, mindful mamma time, deep rest and sleep and special postpartum foods. 

  • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks

  • In person birth support

  • Hospital meal package

  • Postpartum visits 

It is my passion and life purpose to help support you in honoring this scared time in your life. 

Birth Doula Central Coast

Find out more about my Birth Doula Packages

Birth and postpartum doula central coast nsw

Email me on and we can arrange a time and date that suits you (either face to face if you live on the Central Coast, NSW or over Zoom) to chat through your birth dreams and desires. I cannot wait to connect with you. 

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