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Postpartum Doula on the Central Coast NSW
program for partners on how to support mamma post birth

Would you like to know how best to support your partner in those first intense six weeks postpartum, to help her heal and feel nurtured from the inside out?


Would you like to know the best food to cook to nourish and energise her?

What about breastfeeding? Would you like to feel like you are making a difference and not helpless and clueless?


This online course is just for YOU, as the partner, to gain amazing knowledge and insight into the postpartum period and how you can best support the mamma during this huge transition.

I cover everything from what the postpartum period is to mental health and your first trip out as a family. This course if filled with tips, tools, resources and extremely important information so you can be the best possible partner to mamma and together enjoy, connect and peacefully move through the first six weeks after the birth of your bub! 

A practical online guide for partners on how to support and nurture the mamma post birth. 

The Ultimate Partners' Guide


Join me, Kathryn Mamma of three, Birth and Postpartum doula as I share, through a self-paced online program, everything you need to know about how to support and nurture your partner during the first six weeks post birth.


As a woman we go through a huge transition when we become a mother; emotionally, mentally and physical. Those first six weeks can be a confusing, intense and overwhelming time for both of you. 

That is why I have launched this program to give you, as the partner practical tips tools and amazing knowledge and insight into how you can best support mamma. Because, let's be honest, antenatal classes do not prepare you for the postpartum but this course will!! At the end of the program you will be feeling prepared, excited and full of beautiful ideas to make the first six weeks calm and full of connection for your partner and you!  

The details: 

Four self-paced online Partner Life Lessons (see below for a breakdown of topics)

Each Life Lesson includes videos on:

  • Building knowledge on the specific topic 

  • Understanding your role and how best you can support

  • Practical tips and tools

  • Resources including download, additional reading, online resources and the best products. 

How to video's on:

  • Creating a calming feeding space for mamma

  • Creating a quiet sanctuary

  • Packing the hospital bag

Downloadable checklists, resources & eBook's: 

  • Access to download my two eBook's (Postpartum Recipe Snack Booklet and A Guide to Breastfeeding - valued at $25)​

  • How to create your village of support

  • Essentials for Bub Checklist

  • Essentials for Mamma Checklist

  • Essentials for Trip Out Checklist

  • Hospital Bag Checklist


The Ultimate Partners' Guide
Online self-paced video content

Life Lesson One

What is the postpartum period

and why is it important.  

(six videos on your role during the postpartum, village building, supporting mammas mind, body and soul).

Life Lesson Three

Postpartum Food 

(three videos on the best most nourishing food for postpartum and link to download my e-book Postpartum Recipe Snack booklet)

Life Lesson Two

How to support feeding

(six videos building your knowledge on breastfeeding ,your role and bottle feeding,, plus link to download my eBook Breastfeeding Guide)

Life Lesson Four

Mental Health and Well-being

(Three videos on baby blues, post-natal depression and depletion, your role and a list of important resources)

Knowledge Building | Practical Tips | Resources

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