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What to pack in your hospital bag for the birth of your baby!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You've bought all the things for bub, the nursery is ready the wardrobe is well stocked with onesies, you are feeling ready, bub is not far off so now it's time to think about packing that hospital bag for the birth! Or you may be a little bit like me and think, ok I am feeling as prepared as I will ever be, so I guess it's time to pack the birthing bag!

I think it is very important to keep things simple, you might only be in hospital one night so you do not need to take all the things and your partner or family members can always bring you anything you may need. I have broken the hospital bag down into three:

  • things to pack for your birth

  • things to pack for your hospital stay

  • things to pack for your baby

When I went into labour I was so so thankful that I had packed a bag for my laour and a bag for my hospital stay. This just meant that I only had the things I needed during labour and then hubby went and got the hospital stay bag from the car while we were moved to our room.

Birthing Bag - There are also some really amazing things we can add to our labour bag that can make a huge difference to the birth, in making you feel safe, homely and calm. So here we go....

what to pack in your birthing bag

Spritz bottle with your favourite essential oils

I wouldn't recommend taking a diffuser as you can go off a smell quite quickly and if the diffuser as been on the whole time the room will smell quite intense.

Phone, speaker and headphones - phone for photos and playing all your tunes and visualisations. I would make a variety of playlists from calm to upbeat then you will have plenty of go to songs to match your mood.

Affirmation cards or inspiring quotes and blu tak - choosing some powerful affirmations and quotes, printing them off or buying cards and placing them around the room is so powerful to use during your surges to remind you are can and are doing this!

Pillow - I never go anywhere without my own pillow and for birthing the smell of your pillow will help make you feel secure and calm.

Warm socks - it can get quite cold in the rooms so staying warm is very important.

Dark clothing - you can wear your own clothes and dark and cosy and comfy is best and take a change of clothing you can change into in the delivery room before heading back to your hospital room.

Bikini top -if you are having a water birth you might prefer to be naked or have a bikini top on.

Dark underwear - i bought a fresh pack of two sizes too big underwear

Cuddly toy - yes this might seem odd but if you have other children taking one of their toys with you into labour will give you an oxytocin boost (the hormone we need to produce in labour) and bring you so much happiness.

Wash bag - this will include the basics of toothbursh, toothpaste, face cream, face cloths, hair bands

Lipbalm -you can get dehydrated during labour and our lips can become very sore so this is a really good one to pack!

Blanket - I got really cold and it was really comforting to wrap myself in my own blanket that smelt like home

Colostrum - if you have expressed colostrum don't forget to put this in your bag and get the midwife to out it in the fridge in case you need it

Food and water - I actually had a separate bag full of food and snacks for both me and my partner. So choose your favourite snacks, nuts and bars are great. The hospital has water and ice but I took cartons of ribena. Don't forget to pack straws!

Hospital Bag - this is the low down of what to include for you....

  • Dark undearwear

  • Max pads

  • Baggy comfy trousers

  • Loose breastfeeding top

  • Breastfeeding singlet

  • Warm jumper

  • Wash bag with all your basic essentials

  • Peri bottle ( Blissful Herbs sell these) this is a MUST

  • Good body moisturiser and hand cream

  • Eye mask

  • Nipple cream

  • Your first meal - take something you have cooked yourself to have for those first few meals!

This is the low down of what to include for bub...

  • A couple of onesies in 2 sizes just incase bub is smaller or bigger than expected

  • Nappies

  • Going home outfit

  • Blanket for going home

  • Hat

That is pretty much it!! The hospital provide blankets and sheets and will teach you how to swaddle bub in those so that is one less thing to pack!

Any questions please reach out! Get that hospital bag packed around the 37 week mark if not earlier and leave it somewhere close to the door when you feel you are getting close.

Would you like to know all the other ESSENTIAL items you need for bub and you? If so you should check out my Essentials Checklists which you can download. I have only included all the things you actually need to keep overwhelm and over buying at bay!

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Wiggedy Girl
Wiggedy Girl
Sep 24, 2021

So glad you're here for the journey! Thankyou for the check list!

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