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What is a Mother Blessing and why every mamma-to-be should have one!

A Mother Blessing or Mother Shower is a beautiful celebration for mammas-to-be with her nearest and dearest inspired by an ancient Navajo ceremony called a blessing way.

Mother Blessing, Central Coast NSW

Mother Blessings are a very special and unique celebration which include a wide variety of rituals which focus on the mamma-to-be. The transition we go through from Maiden to Mother is the biggest transformation a woman goes through and a Mother Blessing honours this transition by adorning, pampering and celebrating the Mamma-to-be. There is story telling, connecting, showering the mamma-to-be with love and support, gifting her with words of wisdom she will carry into her birth and motherhood.

I came home yesterday from facilitating a beautful Mother Blessing and all afternoon I was filled with the empowering energy woman create when they come together. The words the friends shared with the Mamma-to-be will journey with her and come to light again as she births a herself and her baby. You could see and feel how incredibly loved the mamma-to-be felt, how empowered and exctied she was for her birth. Her friends created a container of love and support around her and she now knows she will never be alone.

Every mamma-to-be deserves to be showered, honoured and filled with the powerful energy and words of her loved ones before she births her baby. Coming together like this should be the norm and I will be doing everything i can to help grow this special celebration .

All Mother Blessing can be tailored but here are a few examples of the rituals that can be included:

  • Beads - each guests brings a beautiful bead which symbolises their wish or relationship with the mamma-to-be.

  • Flower Crown - each guest brings a flower and for each flower we weave into the crown we share a wish, intention, or message for the mamma-to-be. 

  • Circle - an opportunity to sit together, connect and share stories, inspiring and empower mamma-to-be.

  • Epsom Salts - each guest brings either dried flowers or essential oils to be poured into Epson Salts, Each guest will leave with a jar of beautiful scented bath or foot soak. 

  • Birthing letters - during the celebration guests can write a letter of support and love to mamma-to-be to read during labor and in her postpartum period.

  • Candles - each decorating a candle to take home and when the mamma-to-be goes into labor your will be invited to light your candle and send wishes and support to the mamma. 

  • Meditation - a perfect way to end the celebration with a restorative meditation.

If you are pregnant and are interested in learning more about a Mother Blessing please get in touch. I would love to create a personal celebration to honour your journey into motherhood.

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