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Want to know exactly what you and your baby really need and stop unnecessary spending??

The minute we say we are pregnant everyone chimes in with oh my goodness you must get this, you cannot live without one of these, and of course baby will need this, this and this. STOOOPPPPP!! It is overwhelm before we have even got used to the idea of being pregnant let alone thinking about buying things.

We live in a world were we are constantly told what we need and this goes into overdrive when we are having a baby. All the adverts, now even if you go on amazing to get one baby item you are given a whole list of other things you should purchase!

We can get totally carried away and spend a fortune on items that do not come out of the drawn, that were were told we MUST have. But it's just not true there are so many gimmicky things we can get wrapped in but one of the things I constantly tell all my mums is keep it simple! Easier said than done right - well I am here to help you strip things back.

I thought it was time there were a few ESSENTIALS CHECKLISTS to keep us on track, clear about what we as mums really need, what our babies really need and the perfect way to stop us getting wrapped up in the cool, shiny things that we definitely do not need!

Sound good? So using all my knowledge and experience as a birth and postpartum doula and mother to two with a third on the way I have created the Ultimate Essential Checklists download covering:

  • What to pack in your hospital bag (for birth, baby and you)

  • What baby needs from nursery furniture to feeding

  • What you need to support your postpartum

  • What to pack for day trips out!

I have also included my top brands, top tips and nice to have's in this download as well. Want it??? Go check it out -

Keep it simple mamma, the simpler the better. clearer and calmer our postpartum can be!

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