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Six benefits of Baby Yoga

Updated: May 15

It's not just your baby who will benefit from baby yoga classes you will too!! My Baby Yoga classes are all about bringing mammas's together enjoying some fun and interactive time with their baby while also meeting other like-minded mammas and chatting through all things motherhood!

Baby Yoga Central Coast

Benefits of Baby Yoga for your baby...

  • Supports your baby's brain development

  • Creates the foundations for your baby's early milestones including sitting, crawling and walking

  • Creates muscle strength and tone

  • Stimulating your baby's cardio vascular, internal and respiratory systems

  • Developing co-regulation through breath work bringing calm to both you and baby

Benefits of baby yoga for you...

  • An opportunity to have fun with you baby and enjoy lots of giggles and smiles

  • Mini workout for you releasing any tension and stress in your body

  • A chance to slow down and enjoy a guided relaxation you and baby will love

  • Meet like-minded mums and share the ups and downs of motherhood with

One of the reasons why we sign up to baby classes is to have something In the diary to help us get of the house, break up the week and to meet other mums right??!!

That is one of the many reasons why I have started Baby Yoga and Mamma Time course and one of the reasons why it is not just baby yoga! Each week we have time to share how we are going, talk about the ups and downs of motherhood while enjoying a cuppa and a snack!!

You will find your village of mammas at my classes!!

Baby Yoga & Mamma Time Course starts on 5th July for babies from 12 weeks to 6 months to find out more and book. Places are limited so don't miss out!

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