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Pregnancy insomnia? Check out these 6 ways to help get some Zzzzzz's

I am in my third trimester now with bub due in April 2022. Back in my first trimester I suffered pretty bad from pregnancy insomnia. I would wake to go to the toilet (yep the need for loo in the middle of the night started nice and early this time!), and then that would be it, I would be lying in bed for hours trying to get back to sleep. It seems so unfair that our bodies and mind would do this to us when sleep is what we need so so bad during our first trimester and any trimester really!!!

If this is you, you might be in any of your trimesters, then worry not as I am going to share my tried and tested remedies to get back to sleep and I also asked my mammas for their input too!! Here we go...

Meditation- I have a few ideas to add under this heading as different options. But firstly download Insight Timer (my fav meditation app) keep a pair of ear phones next to your bed and your phone (unfortunately as I do prefer to sleep with my phone in another room but needs must).

*Yoga Nidra - this is the most incredible meditation and one you can keep on repeat and even if you don't go back to sleep it makes you feel like you have had sleep - 20 mins of Yoga Nidra can equate to 3 hours sleep!!

*Guided mediation - there are heaps of beautiful guided relaxations on Insight Timer, have a look through, bookmark your favourite and then you can quickly access one for those sleepless nights.

Breathing exercises - I had a great go to breathing exercise which was my saviour most nights. I would start at 27 and breathe in and say 27 and breathe out and say 27 then breathe in and say 26 and breathe out and say 26 etc until i go to 0. If I missed a number or forgot where I was I would start back at 27. It's extremely effective and calming and really stopped my monkey mind going!

Get up - yep on those nights you try a meditation or breathing exercise and it is still not happening then get up BUT follow these few things:

*Don't look on your phone!!!

*Keep the lights dim

*Write a list of all the things on your mind

*Read a book

Have a snack and a drink - I would also often wake up hungry and banana, bowl of cereal or porridge would definitely help. You could also have a warm cup of milk or chamomile tea I also love sleep time tea which you can get in most health store shops.

Essential Oils - sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow and practice the breathing exercise, I also used to put a lavender eye mask on - even if sleep came slowly I would be soooooooooooooo relaxed and this would stop me getting frustrated with not being able to sleep. I also think Vetiver Oil by DoTerra is a specific oil that induces sleep so check that one out too.

Reduce nap time - if you are lucky enough to get a nap in during the day it is best to limit it to 20-40mins this is enough sleep to restore energy and doesn't mess with your night time sleep.

I really hope some of those solutions work for you. I am sending you heaps of love and strength to get through the long days when you are feel so sleep deprived but remember it is just a stage and there will be weeks when sleep comes and you get a full night (unless you have a two year old waking you up like I do at the moment hahah!).

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