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What is Ayurvedic food and its healing benefits for you in your postpartum?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Ayurvedic cooking for new mums central coast nsw

Food can heal you from the inside out after birthing your baby. You have gone through a massive physical change throughout pre

gnancy and post birth and the incredible benefits to enjoying Ayurvedic food in your postpartum can support your fourth trimester healing.

Ayurvedic food is warming, moist, oily (the good oil) and nourishing; using ghee, warming spices (not hot spices) and heaps of broth, veggies and whole grains as the basis to all its dishes.

Just like our newborn our digestion is very slow, and we have very high nutritional needs. Therefore eating warming, simple dishes that are easy to digest but fill you up realising energy throughout the day and support your nutritional needs on so many levels is just what a newborn mamma needs in her postpartum!

That’s why I love cooking Ayurvedic food for my mammas during my visits. Each meal I make is made with love and mamma gets to eat a whole bowl of yummy stew or soup (I normally make enough food during a visit to last at least 3/4 meals) while it’s warm, healing her from the inside out giving her the energy, an oxytocin hit and supporting her nutritional needs all in one bowl of goodness!!!

Here are the benefits of Ayurvedic food in your postpartum:

  • Leaves you feeling full but not bloated!

  • Nutritional high and energy dense

  • Gives you a big hit of oxytocin - the love hormone

  • Improves circulation

  • Support your milk supply if breastfeeding

Postpartum doula central coast nsw

During my fourth trimester with my third baby I ate a very Ayurvedic based diet and I believe this is one of the reason why I had the best fourth trimester of all my children. Yes there were times I reached for the biscuits (I just love a jammy dodger!) and that is totally ok too!! But my main meals, snacks and drinks were Ayurvedic and I found I was able to cope better with sleep deprivation, I had a good amount of energy and I had the most milk out of all my children.

If you are wanting to include an Ayurvedic diet in your fourth trimester than please get in touch to learn more about my postpartum visits. My visits not only include cooking Ayurvedic meals but nurturing you mamma - it will be the best investment you make!

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