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How to create a calm sanctuary for bub and you, supporting your well-being in your postpartum!

With the arrival of my third bub approaching I have spent the last couple of weeks nesting. Isn't it incredible how we get this sudden instinct in our third trimester to nest, get organised and prepare?! Research confirms that this is our mamma instincts already coming into effect in order to create a safe environment to bring bub home to - we are truly amazing mammas!!

I believe that it is important to create a little space that brings us mammas calm and happiness a place where we can go to be alone with bub, breathe, feed, sleep even. When we have this space it can bring a sense of calm to the intense journey we are going through in our postpartum.

For me this space is the nursery (which as we have three bedrooms is also my toddlers room) and for me, it might not be the same for you, and I need this nursery to feel comfortable, to be organised, to have the things I need easily accessible and have some home comforts around.

For you this space might be different it might just be a chair in your room, a rug on the floor, or even a spot in the garden. The main thing is that we create this space that we know it is there for us to spend time in relaxing and feeding bub.

Here is little video which shows what my little sanctuary looks like and what I have included in it.

So ask yourself these questions to help create your sanctuary:

  • What brings you peace and happiness - smells, colours, textures, sounds

  • What makes your heart full - pictures, things you have created, drawn, written, affirmations

  • What makes you feel calm - organised draws, minimal look, lots of nick nacks, crystals, nature

  • Where do you feel relaxed - indoors, outdoor, small space, large space

Remember your space doesn't need to be organised, colour coordinated or even indoors as long as you have somewhere you can intentionally go which will bring you happiness, peace and calm that is the main point. You are going to need this space mamma as it will most definitely support your mental health and well-being during your postpartum!

Would you like to know all the other ESSENTIAL items you need for bub and you? If so you should check out my Essentials Checklists which you can download. I have only included all the things you actually need to keep overwhelm and over buying at bay!

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