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A must have item for you and bub!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

This is one thing I tell all my mammas to get, organise and have set up before bub arrives. It is a game changer when it comes to feeding and changing bub, it makes life easier and calmer for you and it looks kinda cool too! Any guesses what it is???

must have items for mum and babies

It's the feeding/change trolley! Ok i hear you say whats the big deal about this? Well this trolley has everything YOU and bub need for breastfeeding/feeding and changing bub afterwards...

  • It has wheels so it can go where you both go by day I have it next to my breastfeeding chair in the nursery by night I have it next to my bed and change table in my room.

  • It keeps everything together neat and tidy (this makes my mind very happy!)

  • When you are low on items you can instantly see and restock!

  • The top tray is all about you mamma and you can add all the thing you need to keep yourself nurtured and nourished while you nurture bub.

So what's in my trolley - well here is a little video with all the things I have added to my trolley.

P.S The trolley is from Ikea but mosthardware stores have them too and sometimes they even come in different colours!

P.P.S Would you like to know all the other ESSENTIAL items you need for bub and you? If so you should check out my Essentials Checklists which you can download. I have only included all the things you actually need to keep overwhelm and over buying at bay!

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