Postpartum Nurture Plan Workshops

What would it be and feel like if you could set yourself up to have everything you may need in the weeks after giving birth?


A Postpartum Nurture Plan does exactly this and is just as important as a birth plan! This workshop is an excellent opportunity to gather information, resources and practical tips and tools to meet your postpartum needs. Along with learning about Matrescence and the transformation we go through when we become a mother.

Having a Postpartum Nurture Plan will enable you to recover, heal and allow you a smoother transition into motherhood setting yourself up for connection with yourself and with your bub. 


What we will uncover in this workshop

Postpartum Doula supporting new mothers on the Central Coast NSW

What we will explore in your

Postpartum Nurture Plan

  • Postpartum traditional from other countries and what we can take from them 

  • How to create a new age version of our village

  • Understanding Matrescence and the transformation we go through when we enter motherhood

  • How to nourish your body with postpartum food

  • Creating a mindful environment for us and bub

  • Mindful tools, tips and techniques to support emotional balance

  • Finishing off with a blissful meditation 

I cannot wait to explore the incredible journey into motherhood that you are about to embark on.

It is my passion and life purpose to help support you in honoring this scared time in your life. 

Postpartum Doula on the Central Coast NSW providing nourishing food

Book Your Postpartum Nurture Plan

With me..... 

Email me on and we can arrange a time and date that suits you (either face to face if you live on the Central Coast or over Zoom) to create your beautiful postpartum nurture plan. 

Postpartum Doula Visits on the Central Coast NSW
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