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Top tips on what to eat in your postpartum period

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Postpartum food on the Central Coast
Ginger Fried Rice

We can be so focused on feeding our newborn in those first intense couple of months that we can forget to feed ourselves. Yep, I did that!!! I became so obsessed with breastfeeding and pumping (that story is for another time!) that I really did forget to feed myself properly!

How I wish someone would have told me the importance of specific postpartum food and how if I nourish myself, I will have more energy to nourish and nurture my baby. It seems obvious right but in those first couple of months after having a baby everything becomes a blur and you can totally lose all sight of what is obvious! I know I did first time round - BIG TIME!

So, can food really make a difference in those first couple of weeks after having a bub?? The answer is yes! Specific postpartum food does more than just fill our belly….

  • It aids our digestion which is slow and sluggish after having a baby and we need food that is easy to digest and gets things moving again (if you know what I mean)

  • It can give us an instant energy boost we need when we are sleep deprived.

  • Being given a homecooked meal made with love releases oxytocin which is our mother love hormone which as a domino effect can boost milk supply.

  • It can help increase bloody supply and honestly heal us from the inside out.

I know and I totally understand that we do not have time to cook food in those first few months! All we want is something quick and easy and which we can cook with one hand right?!

Here are my quick and easy top tips on how to get the postpartum food we need:

Mamma Nurture Postpartum Food on the Central Coast
Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup
  • Check out these awesome recipe books 'First Forty Days' by Heng Ou and 'Nourishing New Born Mothers' by Julia Jones and if you can stock up the freezer while you have the energy.

  • Ask your friends to cook a meal for you. I know this can be incredibly difficult to do, but I promise you, your friends will be grateful to provide you with something that is going to make such an impact on your recovery.

  • Ask your best friend or family member to set up a meal train for you! I have made this easy by creating a FREE downloadable - Food from Friends template which you can access here:

  • Try and avoid uncooked cold foods and sugary food (e.g lots of fruit) in those first few weeks

  • The best kind of foods to eat are warming, nourishing veggies, stews, soups and broths

  • Get excited again with good fats; think avocado, walnuts, ghee, oils like coconut and olive.

  • Add a little spice to your cooking think cumin seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg.

  • The power of good broth and this is very exciting you can now get so amazing made up broth so you don't even have to make your own my favourite is Best of the Bone and if you can add a cup of broth into your daily diet you will feel the benefits!!

  • Just keep sipping - I know this isn't food but I cannot leave the importance of sipping on warm water throughout the day.

In summary ask for help when it comes to food and please don't feel awkward in asking friends and family are always willing to help do let them do something amazing for you!! Just keep thinking warming, nourishing, creamy, oily and fairly mild is best for you! When you nourish yourself you are nourishing your baby in the best way too!

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