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Why get a postpartum doula?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

postpartum doula central coast nsw

We are so prepared for the birth of our baby; we are given so much support in the lead up to the birth that our postpartum period is often forgotten about and therefore unplanned. The first 6 weeks after bub arrives can be physically, mentally, and emotionally intense. We are not only navigating how to look after a newborn, but we are experiences so many intense hormones and changes within ourself as we transition into a mother.

In many cultures around the world the mother is supported by her village yet in our Western society we are expected to do everything alone along with bouncing back and into our skinny jeans and also doing all of this with a big smile on our face while instagramming the whole thing! When you look at it like that it does not seem right does it?

And this is why I became a postpartum doula because I am so passionate about giving women the support they need during this tender time. So, what difference does a postpartum doula, like me make?? I will….

postpartum doula central coast nsw

Be your village of support, so you do not feel alone. This is so incredibly powerful when we are in the depths of newborn life to have someone who knows or will know someone who can meet you needs from breastfeeding to pelvic floor recovery.

Normalise all that you are feeling – we have big, intense emotions and thoughts when we become a mother which we are often too ashamed or scared to tell friends and family for fear of not being seen as coping. Sharing these thoughts with me can release them and I cannot even begin to tell you the relief this can bring.

Build your confidence, help unlock your inner wisdom and mamma intuition - having supported many women through their postpartum period and having been through it twice myself I can help you navigate this intense time, help you find your mamma intuition, and become confident!

Nourish you with the exact food you need – we often forget that in order to nourish our baby we need to nourish ourselves and I will fill your belly to help your recovery from the inside out.

Enable you to take precious ‘You Time’ without the worry or guilt – I can hold and look after bub while you do something just for yourself whether it be a bath or a hot cup of tea or eating with two hands! This will be one of the best gifts I can offer as it will bring you more energy, more patience, and a break just to be you again!

Give you the gift of sleep – if you have had a rough night then I will look after bub while you have some deep rest kickstarted with a beautiful meditation.

With all this in mind planning to have a postpartum doula to support and empower you in your postpartum period is by far the best investment you will ever make!

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