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How to create your very own meaningful birth affirmations!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

birth affirmations

Would you like to create some birth affirmations that are meaningful to you? That could help you stay strong, focused and the oxytocin flowing through your body during your birth?

Well that is exactly what I am doing at the moment! I am creating my very own birth affirmations with a difference and I thought I would share with you as it might just be a little something you would like to do too!

So here is how to create my birth affirmations with a difference...

✨Ask your close friends and family to text you a few sentences sharing words of wisdom, love and support you can read during your birth

✨Put these words in a beautiful canva template and have them printed out on card

✨Or write their words out on card and decorate yourself

✨Pack them in your hospital bag, don't forget blu tak, and tell your partner they are in charge of placing them up in the birthing suite when you get to the hospital

✨When you are at the peak of your birth read or get your partner to read through these affirmations.

✨Knowing you have the power, love and support of all your amazing friends and family in that room surrounding you will help the oxytocin flow and birth your baby!

Check out my instagram feed to share my birth affirmations from my family and friends if they need a little inspiration!

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