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How to create a calming bedtime routine for both you and bub!

Let’s talk bedtime routines for both you and bub. Your night-time routine is just as important if not more so, and we often forget this, right? We focus so much on the baby’s routine that when we finally get into bed, we can feel over tired, our body aching and our mind reeling.

What could we do to create a calming bedtime routine we deserve BUT that can work alongside our bubs night-time routine. Here are a few ideas but for more check out my most recent blog..

1. Bath together – on the night you have the energy get in the bath together, sprinkle in some dried lavender and chamomile and magnesium salts. Make is smell and feel delicious.

2. Massage together – in a warm bathroom, with macadamia oil or almond oil (the most natural oils) place bub over your legs and with long strokes massage your neck, arms and then give bub a little go. Using upwards and circular motions. You will both feel blissfully relaxed.

3. Calming music and dim or red lights – put on a relaxation sound track or your favourite calming music, dim the lights or red light which helps produce melatonin while you feed bub.

4. Close your eyes and breathe – just before putting bub to bed hold them close, close your eyes take a big breath in and out and repeat a few times. Bub will feel your calm energy and replicate this and being in this present moment for you with your bub is a beautiful way to finish both of your days.

5. Cuppa time – if you haven’t got one buy yourself a really beautiful cup and each night pour yourself a calming tea (dava by nature have some beautiful ones) and when bub is down enjoy this tea, breathing in the steam and releasing any final tension or stress from your body as you breathe out.

6. Avoid blue lights – yes sorry that means if you can turn the tv and phone off an hour before bed. Trust me it will help you sleep so much better and deeper.

7. Yoga Nidra – when you finally fall into bed if your mind is still reeling then listening to meditation to help release any final tension and support deep restorative sleep even if it is just for a few hours before the next feed!

8. Ask for help - on those nights that you want some 'you time' ask for help and just be specific e.g I need a bath alone tonight so can you take bub for the next hour.

These are making me want to get ready for bed now!!!

I hope these ideas help in creating a bed-time routine you look forward to and I know they will help the sleep that you do get be deep and restorative!

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