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Nourishing Mamma through her fourth trimester

Here at Mamma Meals we cook homemade meals by mammas for mammas and deliver them to your door. Our meals are specifically created for postpartum mammas to help heal her from the inside out. They are warming, nourishing and full of wholesome nutrients made with love and care. When mamma is nourished and nurtured she has more strength and energy to nourish and nurture her baby. 

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First Meals for Mamma

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Mammas Boobie Snacks

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Weekly Mamma Meals

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Gift Voucher

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What is so special about Mamma Meals?

As a new mamma you need lots of energy to nourish your baby and recover from pregnancy and birth. Alongside all of that you are also coping with sleep deprivation, lots of hormonal changes and big emotions. That is why food is such a big part of your fourth trimester. You need the right nutrients and energy-dense food to help you journey through this intense time. 


Our meals are based on Ayurvedic recipes, they are easy to digest (as we know that our digestive system is slow in our fourth trimester), energy-dense and high in nutrients. The spices used in Ayurvedic cooking are all warming spices, this helps us digest our food and absorb all the nutrients along with warming us from the inside out which is vital in bringing our body back into balance after having a baby and increasing our well-being. The meals are also sweet tasting, as this is the most nutritive of tastes, and this promotes oxytocin (the love hormone), along with a beautiful feeling of being nurtured and nourished and this is exactly the mix of feelings you need as a new mother. 

We at Mamma Meals are so passionate about ensuring mothers fully recover after birth and feel loved and nourished and this is shown in all the meals that we loving create and cook. 


Postpartum Doula Visits on Central Coast NSW Mamma Nurture

Kathryn's meals are mind blowing, hearty, wholesome and delicious. Her two must-haves are the chicken noodle soup and Nepali Rice Pudding.

Sarah Tansley, mamma of two
Postpartum Doula Visits on Central Coast NSW Mamma Nurture
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