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The Ultimate Partners' Guide


This is a practical guide for partners on how to support mamma's in their postpartum. It contains knowledge building videos, and heaps of downloadable resources, checklists and ebooks (worth over $30)! Why the partner needs this guide... 📚It will increase their knowledge without the overwhelm of reading heaps of books. We know knowledge = power! 👨They will gain practical tips and tools making them feel useful and able to make a really difference 📝They will be the king of the checklists knowing exactly what to buy from baby things to stocking up the pantry with the right foods 🥰They will feel more connected to you and bub Why the mamma needs the partner to have this guide... 💫Your partner will understand the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual changes we go through when we birth us the mother 🥰They will be confident in giving you the specific support you need without you having to ask 🍲They will be nourishing you with yummy food 🤱You will have a smooth, calm transition into motherhood and be able to focus on nurturing your bub as you will be held and nurtured properly by your partner. How to join:- • Simply hit the JOIN button • Fill in your email address • Enjoy the early bird price of $27 • You will gain access to the Ultimate Partners Guide!





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