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Nurture for mamas to be on the Central C
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The first couple of months of being a mother can be physical, emotionally and mentally intense. How we support and nurture ourselves in those first 40 days after becoming a mother can impact our future health, well-being and balance.


Enter NURTURE a 7-week program providing you with the vital tools and connection

that honour and support your transition into motherhood.

Are you a mamma-to-be? 


About Nurture

Nurture is a 7-week program for mammas-to-be empowering and supporting your journey into motherhood. The program is run by me Kathryn and Alita Blanchard (women's circle and rites of passage facilitator and parent coach) and we cannot wait to connect with you.


Over the 7 weeks we will move through different areas of postpartum care focusing on you the mother! When the mother is nurtured, support and nourished, so to, is her baby.  We will honour, connect and provide practical tips and tools to support YOUR transition and journey into motherhood. Our weekly sessions will be interactive, full of fun and energy and most of all connected with yourself and with other like-minded

mammas-to -be! 


At the end of the program you will feel connected, confident and calm, empowering you to have a smooth transition into your new motherhood.  

This is also an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded mammas-to-be and create a powerful and connected mothers circle that will serve you for many years to come. 

The details: 

Dates: 7 weekly sessions starting 

Timing: 9:45am-11:45am every Saturday's Starting 10 April 2021

Location: Luna Physiotherapy, Daley's Point, Empire Drive, Central Coast NSW

Special inclusions: weekly meditations & mindful and movement practicesprivate FB group to carry on our beautiful conversationsweekly worksheets, journal and pen, take home goodies along the way.


Industry experts include: Postpartum Doula, Parent Coach, Nutritionist, Osteopath and Sound Bath Practitioner.


Price: $180 for the full 7 weeks (or $35 per session - save $65 when booking all 7 weeks)  

Delivered face-to-face over 7 weeks we will explore

Week 1 - 10 April

Postpartum Traditions

We will explore beautiful rituals and traditions from other cultures and what we would like to include in our postpartum period. 

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Week 2 - 17 April

Food, Nutrition & Minerals

Joined by a nutritionist who will share food, herbs, spices, snacks and teas we need to boost energy, and nourish our body and soul in postpartum period. 

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Week 4 - 1 May

Deep Rest & Sleep

Practical tips, tools and techniques to create healthy sleep and nap habits. We will finish with a yoga nidra. 

Postpartum Doula Visits Central Coast

Week 5 - 8 May

Crying in Loving Arms

Learn and explore the soothing technique of crying in loving arms and how it can release stress and pain for you and baby, 

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Week 7 - 22 May

Honouring the Mother

Our last week together will include a beautiful,

calming rite of passage to honour the beautiful

mother you have become, (we won't give anything more away

but it will be truly sacred and special).

Week 3 - 24 April

Radical Self-Care

Explore and unpacking what radical self-care and why it is so hard. There will be an opportunity for journaling sharing and releasing.  

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Week 6 - 15 May

Mind & Body Health

Joined by an osteopath we will focus on creating a healthy mind & body during those intense few weeks after becoming a mother. The session will finish with a sound bath.

$180 for 7 weeks

Save $65 when you book the full program

(To book individual session (priced at $35 per session) please contact me on kathryn@mammanurture.com)

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