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Mamma Gatherings
postpartum doula central coast

My Mamma Gatherings are all about creating connection with like-minded mammas, building your village of support sharing postpartum tips to support and empower you for a smooth transition into motherhood. 

Are you a mamma in your fourth trimester? 


About Mamma Gatherings

My Gatherings are held for 1.5 hours located in and around Devon, UK.  Each gathering starts with a mindful practice, followed by sharing in a beautiful supported circle. At each gathering I will share practical tips and tools for a different area of your postpartum from sleep to food. We finish the Gathering off with a restorative meditation. I will also bring along some homemade goodies to enjoy and warming tea.!

The Gatherings are an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded mammas and find beautiful friends to journey through motherhood with!  

These are the dates for my next Gatherings:

Tuesday 15 November, Midday - 1:30pm @ Seale Hayne The Mothership Hub -  £15

Thursday 10 November, Midday- @ Exeter Baby Room -  £15

Thursday 8 December, Midday - 1:30pm @ Exeter Baby Room -  £15

Tuesday 13 December, Midday - 1:30pm @ Seale Hayne The Mothership Hub - £15 


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