Birth Map Session

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What would it be and feel like if you and your partner could go to your birth feeling informed, prepared and empowered? 


A Brith Map session with me does exactly this! This session is for you and your birth partner to be guided through and informed about the stages of childbirth, how best to support the mother and the different birthing options available. Together we create a written birth map which will leave you both feeling prepared, informed and empowered for the most incredible journey of birthing your baby.

Having a Birth Map will ensure that you and your birth partner feel empowered and ready for whatever may show up during the birth of your baby. You will enter your birthing room feeling the warrior that you are,  ready to become a mother with a birthing partner who knows exactly how to support you.


What we will uncover in this workshop

what to pack in your hospital bag

What we will explore in your
Birth Mapping Session

  • Talk through the different stages of labour

  • Understand the different options available throughout your labour 

  • How your partner can best support you 

  • Emergency cesarean options

  • What to pack for your birth 

  • Creating a mindful environment for you both and bub

  • Mindful tools, tips and techniques to support labour

  • Honouring your Golden Hour

  • I will write up your birth map to share with your midwife and any additional support people

It is my passion and life purpose to help support you both in honoring this incredible journey. 


Book Your Birth Map Session
With me..... 

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Email me on for prices and to arrange a time and date that suits you (either face to face if you live in Devon, UK or over Zoom) to create your Birth Map.